After reading the reviews from Sal’s other clients, I was persuaded to make an appointment. That was one year ago and I have not looked back. From being a novice, I have fully embraced the treatments Sal has to offer, including reflexology, acupuncture and the infrared sauna. Despite being afraid of needles, acupuncture is now my favourite treatment! Treatment can be tailored at each visit, to respond to the health complaints and niggles of daily life, whilst also working towards an overall aim or objective. This offers a truly comprehensive service. Sal is a true professional and her knowledge and expertise leaves you feeling very assured and comfortable. I’m so glad that I made that first appointment. I’ve found it to be a great way of dealing with stress and improving my overall wellbeing. The setting of Sal’s practice is so tranquil it really adds to the overall offering! I would highly recommend Sal.

- AH -

I was recommended to Sal by a friend & Im so glad i took the advice. Sal helped me with both reflexology and acupuncture during IVF, which definitely prepared me mentally and physically for such an important time. I came away after each session feeling so relaxed. Sal always gave a warm welcome and made me feel at home. We are now expecting our first baby and I definitely think reflexology played a big part of preparing my body. I cant recommend Sal enough.

- SM -

“I was recommended reflexology to treat very painful sinusitis, which I had been suffering for several years. Sal’s approach of advising me to cut out (and at weekends to cut down on!) dairy products immediately benefitted me. The reflexology sessions were really fascinating as I could actually feel my sinuses clear as Sal worked on my toes. I found the sessions extremely relaxing and I am still enjoying the benefits of the aromatherapy aftercare. I can recommend Sal and reflexology to anyone who suffers from troublesome sinuses and to anyone who finds it hard to relax in order to stay healthy.”

- Jill, Belfast -

“Having had irregular periods since I was a teenager, I would often go six months without having a period. I was worried that this would affect my chances of conceiving, I began having regular reflexology treatments and within a short time my cycle became regular. I feel that the relaxation of the treatments and the regulation of my cycle helped me to conceive.

I had reflexology the day I was in labour and I feel that this helped me to both relax and focus on the birth. The Aromatherapy blends, which Sal used, were tailored to my individual needs and I found the smells of the oils very uplifting.”

- Victoria, Belfast -

“I have known Sal for some time first as a student of reflexology and later as a complimentary health therapist. I have watched her grow and blossom as her enthusiasm for learning, living a genuine holistic lifestyle and experience with clients have developed her skills. She is a caring and talented reflexologist.”

- Colleen Cairns -
Complimentary Health teacher
South Eastern Regional College

“I was suffering with severe Endometriosis and in the lead up to major surgery I visited Sal for 7 treatments of reflexology. On the first visit I felt that she was the one of the few professionals who listened and showed empathy with my condition and I knew I was going to receive the best treatment.

Each session was very relaxing and Sal tailored it to help me cope with other problems and issues at the time such as lack of sleep and anxiety. I would recommend reflexology with Sal to anyone and hope to return soon for some treatments to help with my recovery after surgery!”

- Anita, Belfast -

“I had reflexology in my third trimester of pregnancy with Sal. She always made herself very flexible for appointments and our sessions very relaxing. The best part was that my labour was very short due to the work Sal had done. Sal was very professional and knowledgeable and I have recommended her to a number of friends.”

- Lisa, Belfast -

After 3 inductions and very interventionist births I tried reflexology in the later stages of my fourth pregnancy. I found the treatments relaxing but more importantly gave me something to focus on and made me less impatient during the final weeks. I went into spontaneous labour and had a natural delivery, which had alluded me previously!

- Dolores, Belfast -

“I attended Sal due to stress and problems sleeping. My sleep pattern was very interrupted and stress at work had left me tired and anxious. After only a few sessions I noticed my sleep pattern greatly improved. I feel I have greatly benefited from attending Sal as I now feel my stress levels have reduced dramatically and I do not seem affected by work pressures anymore. I feel like a different person compared to what I was 6 months ago. I would highly recommend Sal as a reflexologist as she has a caring manor and is highly skilled in her profession.”

- Diane, Belfast -

“Sal is truly gifted! I went to see her 4 days before my due date for our 3rd baby. I had been induced with my first 2 and had heard wonder stories about Sal so had to try her (never mind the fact that I love acupuncture and reflexology) I told her not to start my labour as I still had things to sort over the weekend! :) our beautiful daughter then arrived on her due date and I had my dream water birth! I then returned 2 weeks after delivery for reflexology treatment to regulate my hormones and any aches and our daughter had treatment for colic. Highly recommend!!!! Plus I got awesome nutrition tips :)

Thanks Sal... See you soon x”

- Ashleigh McAteer -

“I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and having been getting treatment from Sal for the past couple of weeks. She really does have magic hands. I originally sought treatment to help turn my breech baby into head down position and to seek relief from sore hips during pregnancy. Within 6 hours of my first treatment with Sal my baby had turned from breech into head down position. And with each visit, any problematic areas like my hips feel better and continue to get better. I can actually feel things working in my problem areas while Sal is treating me. I have had reflexology performed before in my first pregnancy with a different practitioner but didn't experience any results. Sal however is amazing at what she does and I trust her fully. I would travel far and wide to seek treatment from her. “

- Louise Martin -

“I went to Sal on a few recommendations to help us conceive. A mere 2 1/2 menstrual cycles later (after 9 months of trying) I was pregnant. Sal also helped me through the lows of pregnancy. I felt a wonderful connection & it was like catching up with a friend at each visit.”

- Emma Allen -

“I truly believe that Sal possesses magic hands! I was experiencing very long cycles, approximately 47 days, and Sal got me down to 28 days and that month I conceived my son! Throughout my pregnancy Sal helped keep me calm and relaxed with her incredible reflexology and also helped offer nutritional advice to ease pregnancy ailments such as hormonal headaches and insomnia. Sal is incredible and I wholeheartedly recommend her to all women because she can and will help.”

- Sophie Keil -